Digital Torque Controller DTC (Wattage Base)

Digital Torque Controller DTC (Wattage Base) 1) Electronic Control Panel with the “State of the art” Technology
2) Fully Solid State Design with no moving parts hence no wear and tear or noise with a     longer life
3) Easy to maintain with just one main circuit board
4) Automatic identifies and indicate connected drive by LED
5) micro-controller operated.
6) Reduced starting currents due to soft start in all drives increases long Life of carbon brushes and drive
7) Accurate and easy to replicate identical results: Due to proper torque setting calibration and 1 watt resolution
8) Adjustable Slow & Fast Drive Speed for rotation in reverse
9) Four different ranges Torque setting suitable for four different drives. Prevents drive abuse or overuse through automatic wattage range selection     for connected drive
10) Display : Actual drive wattage (torque) is displayed. Pressing one button displays the Set wattage (torque), line voltage and drive current as well
11) Adjustable time settings

       Trip time : 0.1 sec to 10 secs
       Reverse time : 1 sec to 100 secs
       Pause time (interval between cycles) : 1 sec to 100 secs
12) LED indication to show conditions of forward, reverse and trip drive
13) MCB for protection against over current by short circuits in panel and drives
14) Easy to replace spares (using only screw driver) inside the panel like: PCBs, Transformers, CT, Relays DPM etc
15) Plug in PCBs for reducing trouble shooting down time to a bare minimum
16) Push button for Emergency Manual reverse
17) Modes available: Hand (trigger) or foot switch
18) Single cycle or auto repeat mode for undertaking expansions
19) Trigger (Hand) OR Foot Switch both options are available.
Model No. DTC -1 DTC -2
Voltage Single Phase 50/60 Hz 110V 230V
Weight (Kg) 7.5 Kg 7.5 Kg

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